blade breaker by victoria aveyard ⚔️

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synopsis 🗡

Andry, a former squire, continues to fight for hope amid blood and chaos.

Dom, a grieving immortal, strives to fulfill a broken oath.

Sorasa, an outcast assassin, faces her past when it returns with sharpened teeth.

Valtik, an old sorceress, summons a mighty power.

And Corayne, a pirate’s daughter with an ancient magic in her blood, steps closer to becoming the hero she’s destined to be.

Together they must assemble an army to face Queen Erida and Taristan’s wicked forces. But something deadly waits in the shadows, something that might consume the world before there’s any hope for victory.

In the sequel to Realm Breaker, a divided world must rally, an unstoppable enemy must be defeated, and the fate of the world rests on a blade’s edge.

my thoughts 💭

my rating : 4 stars ⭐️

thank you to times reads for always sending me my most anticipated reads! 🥰

anyway, this is a solid 4 star read for me! plot wise, it is very realistic and not VERY action packed like the days fly by in seconds. i actually love that about this book! we see the clueless, hopeless days not knowing what to do or where to go. the characters felt more real this way and there are times i am literally thinking how are these people saving the world??? 🤨 and that is exactly what i love about this series! you do not have fancy chosen ones who literally sashay out of battlefields without breaking a sweat!

i love a classic fantasy book, and this does the trick for me! i do find some povs to be lacking, because personally i feel like i could do with two povs or three on a stretch. the plenty povs do not do anything more or less to the story for me personally, so i think if we could focus more on the ✨ villains ✨ in the conclusion novel, that would be ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC.

the villains. i am here for! idk what is with Victoria Aveyard and her books, she NEEDS to write a book entirely from a villain’s pov because all her books i find myself rooting for the villains omg 😌 and we have a taristan backstory please! also the red wizard especially ronin, i want to know more about him but we do not get much info on him so i am hoping for that in the last book! 😍 i would do anything for a villains series by this author because she writes the best villains hands down!

overall, i find the book progressing well, but the author has built such an intricate world and with complex characters i can’t help but want more of their backstories but we do not get them much. i want to know all about the characters, like soraya, corayne’s pirate mother, valtik the witch and so much more! ✨ i really do not know how this one will end, but i think the author so far hasn’t really disappointed me very much so i am definitely on the lookout for the final instalment! i hope it will not hurt but ahem, we never know!

i liked this book a lot and would recommend it to anyone tbh because it’s such a beautiful book! pick this up if you’re interested and i have a brief review of book one (realm breaker) on my feed too! ❤


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