Influence by Sara Shepard & Lilia Buckingham

Oh my, let me just say you are in a roller coaster ride right from the start! Influence is such a great and fast-paced standalone that hooks you right from the very beginning and the plot is just jam-packed with so much content that does not make you feel overwhelmed or suffocating at all! It is the perfect read for when you want a suspenseful and thrilling contemporary novel yet with the modern glitz and glamour, this is definitely perfect for you to pick up!

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Admission by Julie Buxbaum

Admission was on my anticipated releases last year when I heard about it because of the whole college admissions scandal that broke the Internet a while back! I was hooked by the concept and so I really wanted to read this book! I must say, this definitely is a fun read about the topic following Chloe who her parents bought her way into her dream college but unfortunately it was found out later. It follows a narrative who is going through the whole thing, unsure about her own future and worried about her family. Admission is told between two timelines, "then" before everything happened and "now" when everything spiralled out of the family's control.

mood board & buzz words for my favorite reads of 2020

hello everyone, it's been a while since i did a non-review bookish post but i came up with this fun idea literally over dinner, which is to make mood boards for all my five star reads of 2020! i have read 93 books last year (wow, it's already 2021) and found some beautifully written books that i think deserve more love and recognition so without further ado, here are some of my favorite reads in mood boards! in no particular order, enjoy my mood boards and recommendations!

Witches Steeped in Gold by Ciannon Smart

Witches Steeped in Gold sounded right up my alley, with witches and magic, and sworn enemies that need to work together for a world they love. Also, this is a Jamaican inspired fantasy so I imagine it already one of my favorites going into this book, but I must say I was a little underwhelmed by the book overall. Let me just say the cover art is absolutely stunning, but this book was like 560 pages long if I'm not mistaken, this is a brick!

Royal Holiday by Jasmine Guillory

Royal Holiday is such a fun read for me, especially since I've read this near Christmas this is just so festive and I'm in the holiday spirit so much it makes the experience ten times better for me! This is an adult rom com about Vivian who follows her daughter on a work trip to the royal palace and she meets Malcolm the Queen of England's private secretary and obviously we see sparks fly as the two lovebirds meet and fall in love as adults. It is just so endearing to read about Vivian, she is just a mix of laughter, love and life!

The Cousins by Karen M. McManus

The Cousins is the first standalone I read from Karen M. McManus and I am a big fan of her One of Us Is Lying duology so I was really eager to dive into this one! While I went into the book knowing that it may not be as thrilling as her previous works, I enjoyed the book but I wasn't blown away so a 3.25 rating is fair enough from me!

Concrete Rose by Angie Thomas

This is such a unique book, it is really unlike anything I've read before! Concrete Rose tells the story of Star's father (from The Hate U Give) when he was a teenager and I was hesitant to read this upon getting an ARC (THANK YOU PANSING) because I have yet to read THUG but so many people who read it loved it! This can be read as a standalone too if you're like me and have yet to read THUG, because I highly, highly recommend it!

Love Is A Revolution by Renée Watson

Love Is A Revolution is such an adorable coming-of-age novel about Nala who at the start of the novel met "the one" at an open mic night, Tye Brown who is an activist, and everything Nala is not. Nala was desperate to impress Tye and she even went to the extent of pretending to be something she is not, from being a vegetarian to faking a project at her grandmother's old folks home. Of course, everything you'd expect to happen did eventually happened. This is such a fun and light-hearted read, perfect for a one-sitting read!

Slingshot by Mercedes Helnwein

Well well, I was so intrigued by Slingshot because I initially thought this was kind of like, well, I do not know what to expect but I definitely did not think it is going to be a contemporary romance novel, so colour me surprised at this! I was quite interested to see why this book is titled Slingshot and it is definitely quite cute thinking back now! Also, the cover is quite unique and fun so that is a bonus for sure because everyone loves a good cover!

House of Hollow by Krystal Sutherland

First of all let me just gush about how beautiful this cover is! It is just sooooo delicate and it really draws you in and make you wonder what this book is about! Even if you are not into the synopsis and all, this is definitely a cover buy you will not regret at all! Going into this book, I have no expectations because there were not many reviews on Goodreads nor I have heard much about this book, this was also my first read by Krystal Sutherland but I am genuinely surprised by the book, it was really thrilling and it is a page turner for me!