blade breaker by victoria aveyard ⚔️

anyway, this is a solid 4 star read for me! plot wise, it is very realistic and not VERY action packed like the days fly by in seconds. i actually love that about this book! we see the clueless, hopeless days not knowing what to do or where to go. the characters felt more real this way and there are times i am literally thinking how are these people saving the world??? 🤨 and that is exactly what i love about this series! you do not have fancy chosen ones who literally sashay out of battlefields without breaking a sweat!

portrait of a thief by grace d. li 🖼

okay this is kind of hard to put my thoughts into words, partly because i had so much expectations for this to completely blow my mind away but it didn't. i think this would be an enjoyable one if you go to into it without the expectations of really dissecting the heists and all the very convenient happenings in the book. i find myself even enjoying the book that way so definitely just take it with a pinch of salt, their planning to the execution of their theft! but also i love that they are fully aware of their plans not working, like the characters are university students and literally clueless, having no idea what they are going to do next. it was fun reading about all the characters and their interactions.

bright by jessica jung ✨

one of my recent favorite trend(?) in books now is like kpop trainee to idol life? there has been so many books out there because the rise of kpop i guess and this one specifically is by former girls generation member @jessica.syj 💌🤍 (ps. songs from girls generation shaped my primary school life bc everyone is obsessssed)

twin crowns by catherine doyle & katherine webber 👑

twin crowns is my recently finished read and boy was it a ride! 🥺i haven’t been expecting to love love this so this has definitely taken me by surprise! it is such a fast paced book from start to end and we follow two povs which one is the princess of the kingdom, rose, another is the unknown to everyone witch twin, wren, who is planning to switch places with the princess to substitute rose to take the throne. kingdom affairs, and lots of unknown factors come into play which makes this a thrilling read for me! 🤍

extasia by claire legrand 🪄

i wanna start out by saying this book is looooong. and part of it is because it is a stand-alone and things needed time to wrap up nicely! i think the length of this novel also put me in a slight slump because at times things are not happening and some parts were a bore. i had no idea what to expect in the beginning of the book, it doesn’t give away much and the book itself takes some time to build up the atmosphere and the setting of the book which i was so amazed at! the writing is not contemporary, it’s more like, an eerie writing style imo and it fits so well into the story!

it will end like this by kyra leigh 🔪

i have finished it will end like this recently and it is such a fast paced thriller and definitely easy to get into for beginners too 🍃 this is inspired by the lizzie borden murders and i had no prior knowledge about this but after finishing the book and went to look up for it, this is more like the author’s rendition of what she thought went down, as theres not really any definite answer to the mystery 🧐 i loved how the story went, you’re kind of clueless as you read, and you have to piece together what the truth is, and there’s a final reveal for it. nothing is very much written and laid out for you but there are hints and subtle pointers as to what happened and I LOVE THIS KIND OF BOOK! 🥺🥰 it was such a fun ride reading this in one of two sittings for me!

i kissed shara wheeler by casey mcquiston 💋

from my bookstagram @bibliophilogy synopsis Chloe Green is so close to winning. After her moms moved her from SoCal to Alabama for high school, she’s spent the past four years dodging gossipy classmates and a puritanical administration at Willowgrove Christian Academy. The thing that’s kept her going: winning valedictorian. Her only rival: prom queen Shara … Continue reading i kissed shara wheeler by casey mcquiston 💋